近日,据媒体报道,乌克兰军工企业和巴基斯坦军方有密切往来,在巴基斯坦举办的国际防务展览和论坛,并透露两国在反坦克导弹联合研发取得了初步进展。巴基斯坦可能很快将配备乌克兰反坦克导弹。它是说乌克兰继承了非常丰富的苏联的军事遗产,并一度被认为在美国和俄罗斯是第三个最大的军事力量在世界上。当时,乌克兰继承了苏联的军事工业十分之三,不仅包括大量技术熟练的工人也有许多高级军事专家,包括核武器专家。同时,安东诺夫飞机设计局,全世界最大的飞机制造商,安东诺夫飞机设计局,和黑海造船厂,Varyag在中国的辽宁,对载体的前身,是建。苏联解体后,乌克兰也有780000人的部队,对坦克装甲车辆和300多艘舰艇数以万计,和近1500架战斗机,其中19是在图160中,在俄罗斯只有10,相比。有数以千计的洲际导弹,等等。It can be said that the gap between Ukraines military equipment and Russia at that time was not big. 但什么是无奈的是,乌克兰不在乎自己,决不放弃军事技能。对于那些重要的大型武器,他们总是卖。他们宁愿生锈而保持和维护,因此它不会多久,乌克兰军事实力的急剧下降。特别是,近年来的持续动荡进一步耗尽了乌克兰的军事力量。作为反坦克导弹,乌克兰也有产品在第一,可。For example, the "Cossal" portable anti-tank missile, the anti-tank missile is only 18 kilograms, which is very convenient to carry. At the same time, the missile has a maximum penetration depth of 550 mm and a killing range of 2.5 km. It has a certain strike effect on tanks or other armored vehicles equipped with composite reactive armor. Another is the RK-2V heavy anti-tank missile, with a maximum range of 7 km and a maximum penetration depth of 800 mm. It can not only effectively attack each others tanks and fixed targets, but also pose a considerable threat to some surface ships and helicopters. Nevertheless, because of the continuing turmoil in Ukraine, Ukraines own army did not equip itself with large quantities of anti-tank weapons, but chose to import "javelins" from the United States. Later, however, it was found that the performance of the "javelin" imported by the United States was insufficient, and Ukraine was still adamant. So many experts speculated that Ukraines anti-tank missile technology is different from the past. Even though Ukraine and Pakistan are currently in good agreement, Pakistan would not place an order if the test failed. It is worth mentioning that at this years Zhuhai Air Show, China also unveiled a new anti-tank missile, Red Arrow 12. It is reported that the total weight of Red Arrow 12 is 22 kilograms, which can be used by individual soldiers or installed on vehicles according to specific tasks. Moreover, the Red Arrow 12 warhead can penetrate 1100mm armor with a series of conical charges, and the strike effect is very strong. Therefore, if the cooperation between Baltic and Ukraine breaks down, Chinas Red Arrow 12 anti-tank missile is also a very good choice! (Authors Signature: Angry Bullets) For the complete content of "Out of Sheath", please pay attention to Sina Military Official Wechat to check first (for details, please search the public number of Weichat: sinamilnews). Out of Sheath is launched every day in Sina Military Official Wechat. All articles in this column are intended to convey more information, which does not mean that our website agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity. The copyright of all copyrighted works on this website belongs to Sina. The copyright of all signed authors belongs to the original author or publisher. The above works can not be reproduced, abstracted or used in other ways without the authorization of this website or authors. 新浪军事:最优先的军事门户!